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"Nuova Cluana" was founded in 2008 by master die cutting makers from the central Italy area renowned as "fermano-maceratese" district heart of Italian shoe craftsmanship.

The presence of several of the most important Italian shoe brands in "Le Marche" region plays a key role in our business targeting. On the other hand globalization challenge and the economic crisis forced us to open our markets and now we credit collaborations worldwide. Thanks to the charter members' initiative, the company introduces to the die cutting business cornering the market by employing the most advanced equipment and technology but also keeping faith with craftsman vocation.

Our cutting dies are a totally Made in Italy production and we use the best German steel.


Forged cutting dies are widely used for cutting materials such as leather and thunit for soles, cellulose boards and fiberboards for salpa insoles or thermo-plastic materials for buttress/counters.
Made up to keep the shapes inside the die, once full they can be unloaded by the top. 22 different manufacturing stages are needed to create a cutting die. we pride ourselves to realize our products with craftsmanship till the temper at 850° which gives the essential hardness and durability. To meet market demand we offer 3 different typologies of steel:
- profile 960, height 50mm: with this classic steel is possible to forge any kind of dies to cut any type of material;
- straight steel height 50mm: cheaper but best if used to forge dies for texon insoles;
- straight steel height 35mm: same as above but for small quantities of insoles.

Cutting die for counters h 50 mm Cutting die for half insoles h 50 mm Cutting die for insoles h 50 mm Cutting die for soles h 50 mm
More than 10 sheets at time of any kind of material for counters with a yield of 3000/4000 pairs per hour and 5000/6000 pairs of toe puffs Up to 4 sheets at time of insole fireboards with a yield of at least 2000 pairs per hour 5 sheets at time with a yield of at least 2000 pairs per hour 4 sheets of thunit at time cutting capacity with a return of at least 1000 pairs; 700/800 if used with leather

All the items listed can be implemented to the height of 100mm


Via Vincenzo Breda,
27 Zona Industriale A
62012 Civitanova Marche MC


Phone / Fax 0733 801577

Email info@fustellificionuovacluana.it

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